Dungeness Evaluation

This was the last bomb project we had to carry out for our FMP. Considering the time constraints and what we where required to produce I am happy with the outcomes of my post cards. Through the photography and combination of typography I was able to achieve unique outcomes.

I wanted to emphasise the apocalyptic nature of the place by playing around with different hues to emphasise that eeriness of the place. Since the place really is quite barren I thought the landscape it’s self is not really something that was enough to entice people to check out the place. But by playing around with this apocalyptic theme I think it makes the images and place much more intriguing to someone that has not visited the place.

I would have liked to perhaps produce a few more post cards but the other images I was able to take were not as good quality and I didn’t feel they were consistent¬†with the two I produced. It was a good practice for me to just be creative and produce an outcome without over thinking the design process. I had a general idea in mind of what I wanted to experiment with and I arrived at a slightly different but similar solution. As shown in my research I wanted to play around with different hue filters over landscape imagery and possibly combine images to create a collage. I didn’t end up going for the collage simply because I don’t have much experience producing them and I was happy with the outcomes I arrived at.

I do think the reddish hues and orange typography really make the images pop out enough to interest a viewer to find out more. I wanted to remain minimalistic in the amount of information on the actual postcard and as the ‘dungeness’ on its own is quite striking without interfering with the photo its self.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 22.51.07


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 22.51.48