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Looking into typography I looked into webfonts. Knowing that print and web based typography has its differences I wanted to find out more. I found an article explaining more in depth what some of these differences included. Web fonts are optimised to enhance readability and how they work on screens. There are several elements that differentiate a web font: the x-height of a web font is usually taller, they have wider letters, heavier strokes and serifs, wider spacing as well as other modifications depending on the type design. This is usually done to accoomodate smaller font sizes on screens.

There are some desktop fonts that are optimised for the web. This is an advantage for creating brand consistency throughout print and digital mediums.

Having a better understanding of the difference between print and web based fonts will allow me make a better decision when choosing a font for my mobile app. I began experimenting with Bebas Neue but soon realised that only having capital letters wouldn’t really work well for my app. I then found that there is a web based font for Century Gothic, a typeface that I really like and have used before. It offers a lot of clarity and is a clean and modern looking font with four subset font families, bold, regular, italic and italic bold. This allowed me enough variety to create a text hierarchy which is an important part of the visual structure for my app. This allows the user to discern the information on the screen.

As I mentioned before for the logo I wanted a typeface that was light and smooth helping reflect the brand and name ‘Breeze’. Looking into script fonts I found a typeface called ‘Milkshake’  which produced a look consistent to what I was looking to achieve.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 19.29.39

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 19.31.28






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