The Noun Project


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I wanted to do some research into creating icons for my app before I started designing them. My lecturer recommended the website The Noun Project. It is a great site that has a huge collection of icons created by different designers. All you have to do is type in a keyword into the search bar and you will get icons relating to that word.

Since the icons are created by different designers you get a wide range of styles available. It is a great way of seeing how a certain word can be visualised and represented into a symbol at its most basic form. I got a lot of inspiration off this site for creating my own logos.

It is important to include icons on a mobile app as having a purely text based app would make the design very dull and plus the icons create a familiarity with users when seeing similar icons used in different apps or websites, for example a home symbol should be instantly recognisable to the user that by selecting that icon they will be taken to the ‘home page’.

I will continue to use this website in the future.



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