KSA Evaluation

The logo and brand I developed for the KSA bomb project works well at reflecting the company values that we were pitched during the brief run down. The logo itself is an abstract representation of a sales chart and the three ‘makings of a sales person’ that the company wanted to portray: resilience, tenacity and curiosity. With the combination of colours and typeface the logo looks modern and youthful yet it retains a corporate feel. I wanted to create a logo that was attractive to a younger audience but yet retaining a certain level of professionalism as I though if it was me looking to study in an institute I would prefer for the logo of the institute to look respectable.

I think I did a good job at experimenting with a lot of logo possibilities considering the amount of time we had to complete the project. The solution I arrived at went through various stages of refinement stripping back the logo to a more basic form. As I have learned from experience that the simpler a logo is the better it can be used across a range of branding materials. The example brand advertisement I created I think also reflects a certain level of professionalism that I wanted the academy to portrayed as.

Over all I am happy with the results for this project and I was also happy that I received a special mention from the KSA representatives that they liked what I had produced for them even though unfortunately my work wasn’t chosen.


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