FMP Evaluation

I am happy with the final outcomes of my mobile application. It has been a difficult process from the beginning. I wanted to create an app to facilitate people looking for pet sitters or house sitters when they are planning on going on holiday. This has probably been the hardest project I’ve had to carry out so far, and it wasn’t so much due to the design side of it but the whole UX methodology process is something I had never done before. There was a lot of planning and thinking behind every step leaving me a little frustrated at times as I spend a lot of time thinking of the content and information architecture before I was able to move on to the design.

Through out this project my dissertation and the Lightmaker brief I have learned about designing for digital applications. It’s a whole new area I hadn’t had much opportunity to work with. I have learned a lot through out this process and its something I hadn’t really done before properly. Designing a mobile app is something I have wanted to try out for sometime and there wasn’t going to be a better opportunity to have a go at it so I am glad I went for it in the end.

This time around I feel I was able to be more independent with my design process. I still asked for help or feedback if I thought it was needed but I tried to break off having to be reassured that I am heading in the right direction and become more confident in my designs.

One thing I struggled with was my time management, it’s a problem I have always had. Even though at some stages I though I was keeping on top of the work I could have definitely worked harder at the beginning so that I would have more time to reflect on my designs by the end and even have produced more work. I feel a big part of the problem was that since I was focusing on a user experience methodology, the whole process was something I hadn’t done before so I found it difficult to motivate myself to work and get much progress in during the first non-design stages. I was however undertaking several peoples jobs and it’s not something a lone designer would have had to do in an agency.

When it comes to the actual design stage I feel that my working rate has improved a lot from the previous years. My technical knowledge of adobe programs has grown and I am now very comfortable specially with illustrator as a base program for most of my designs. My attention to details such as layouts and typography has also improved a lot and feel a lot more confident in my choices without having to experiment loads before making a decision.

The final outcomes are what I set out to achieve, a minimalistic design delivering a good user experience through it’s well though out structure and simple design. I think it could have the potential to become a real mobile application with a little more development. The brand its self is strong and I think I have done a good job at creating a visual identity that reflects the tone of voice of my brand through the design of the logo and visual aesthetic of my app.

I would have liked to put the finalised versions through Invision so that I can show case the functioning app, but I will have to create it for the exhibition now instead. Overall I am happy with the outcomes of this project and what I have achieved.


Breeze style guideonline-01


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