In Vision

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 23.09.49

In Vision is an online platform created for designers to test prototypes, collaborate with fellow designers and share workflow. It gives you the ability to animate elements of static images to give the sensation that there are active buttons, allowing for navigation through a series of however many pages you like to include.

It’s great at making an app appear to be functional with out the need to go into the coding stage. Bringing static images to life is important when designing a website or mobile app as it’s easy to get stuck in the static design and forget about the user interface functionality with moving elements and interactivity which brings a whole other level to how you should approach and plan the design as opposed to a magazine layout for example.

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Above is a few screen shots of the In Vision platform and it’s functionality. It’s simple to use and does give a sense of fluidity through the different options of transitions through pages.

Thanks to using this I am able to plan out better the navigation through out my pages and include elements to make it easier for the user to move through the app.

I plan on using In Vision for my final designs to create a small animation of my mobile app at work which I will be able to include at the exhibition.


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