FMP Development pt 1


Since I had a basic structure for my app set up already by having had created the prototype, I was able to start the design process relatively smoothly. I decided to carry out the design page by page as the navigation would take place so that I would be able to think of anything else I should include as I am designing each page.

When creating the ‘near by user profiles’ page which was my most text heavy page I realised the type pt. size I was using was way too small. I realised this through putting a png sample through InVision (as seen below) which replicates a mobile phone at about a life size dimensions. Looking into ideal font sizes for apps I came across a 17 pt size as a recommended standard for apps. This definitely wasn’t right in my case the type was way still too small at that pt size I ended up having to experiment with the font size until I reached a balance between legibility and line width. Any bigger and the line width would have been too small.


I discussed this with my tutor and he mentioned it wouldn’t be so much of a problem as you can always pinch and zoom on a phone. However I think it’s important that the standard pt size should be legible without having to necessarily zoom in. This goes back to usability of the app by making the users interaction easier. Above you can you the different type sizes I experimented with until I arrived at the most appropriate size. Having have used In Vision through out the design process I was able to bring in png images of my pages which would allow me to view it at a more life like size which was how I initially realised the type was way too small. I was also able to text myself a link through In Vision to my phone where I could go through my pages. This was great help as having the app functioning on a mobile device like it’s designed to was the best way to pick up on any problems.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 23.39.37



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