Mobile APP inspiration

Looking for inspiration I created a Pinterest board of different apps that I liked the look of. At this point I know that I want to go for a minimalist / flat design aesthetic. The reason for this is because I know that I won’t be using lots photography except for the user profiles and also a minimal design can look clean and modern if done properly. This will also allow me to focus on the usability of the app more.

The examples above tend to go for bright contrasting colours. Some of them use colours to separate the different sections. The UI of most of these seems to look very simple with out much text. Of course these are only mock ups but but having that minimal information eliminates and visual clutter leaving a very clean looking layout and thus making it simpler for someone to use.

I intend to use a colour scheme that reflects this style and will try to condense the information as much as possible by including icons and other visual cues



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