UX Research

Designing with the Mind in Mind: Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Rules by Jeff Johnson


Through out my whole design process I have been going back to my dissertation on UX. One of the main sources of research that influenced my dissertation was the book mentioned above. Using what I learned doing my dissertation I have followed through a UX design methodology from beginning as much as possible. From organising information architecture, prototyping, and the evaluation of my design process through out.

The more a design is focused on the end user the better it should be once it’s completed because the user has been kept in mind through out the entire process. I think this is the most important part of a mobile app design, even over the aesthetics simply because and app that looks nice but is confusing to use or is simply inconsistent will obstruct the user from carrying out their goal whatever it is, and rendering the app useless.

As I have mentioned before, thanks to Invision I have been able to test the design through out, with out this it would be very difficult to carry out the entire design process by just looking at static images when I am designing for screen.


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