FMP- Content Organisation

I have been thinking of what I should include into my app. At first I came up with several things that could be included. Many of these services already exist in their own but having something that encompasses all these services in one super app could be an option.

travel preparation

reviews about travel destinations (human/ local reviews)

place to leave your pets

taxi service (transport service)

money exchange

medical insurance

people can leave reviews

car rental



After thinking about the practicality of actually including all these services into one app, I realised it would be highly unlikely, even if it interlinked with other apps such as Uber for the transport section and Tripadvisor for reviews. Another issue with this is that it would possibly make the app too complicated to use. Luckily I am able to modify the content of my app to my liking so I decided to knock back the content to just the bottom three services. This will allow me to create an app that is more specific and serves a more clear function. This will allow me to focus more on the design and clarity of the app and not have to worry so much about how all the content is going to fit together.

house sitting

pet sitting

transport to airport

(reviews for each of the services)


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