KSA – Research

I began my design process by researching existing logos focusing on: academic, sales, apprenticeship brands and logos as well as some abstract and unusual logos.

Through looking at these logos and apprenticeship brands I was able to gather some ideas of how I could execute my brand idea. I also kept in mind the three characteristics that make up a good sales man according to KSA:

resilience, curiosity and tenacity

Another thing I had to keep in mind was the fact that the brand should appeal to young students age 19-24, but at the same time look professional/ corporate enough to attract businesses in to the apprenticeship schemes. However I still believe that as a young student I would be more comfortable joining an institution that has a more professional look to it and not something that just looks bright and cheerful as it involves making a commitment to someones future I would want to feel that I am joining a respectable institution.

I needed to strike a right balance between the two.



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