Lightmaker – Final website & Evaluation

These are the final mock ups for the homepage of a World of Tanks website. The bottom one demonstrates the navigation menu as it would look when selecting the hamburger drop down menu.


Version with the navigation menu open


I am happy with the mock ups I designed. I think I developed them well and thoroughly thought about all aspects of the design: navigation, layout, functionality and aesthetics. Perhaps my concepts wasn’t as unique as it could have been but I wanted to go with a more polished outcome rather than just a hypothetical approach.

I received good feedback from the client, stating that they liked the layout, use of space and that it could easily be something they would show to a client. Even though I did not get picked for the short internship I am still happy with the feedback.

Designing for digital applications is very different to what I am used to as I have to keep in mind all the functional capabilities that could be included as opposed to print designs. This has served as a good warm up to continue on with my mobile app design and use what I have learned in this bomb project to my advantage.


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