APP Design Trends

I have had a look at current APP design trends to get an understanding of what direction apps are heading in. The website below talks about different design aspects that I should keep in mind and implement on my project. Some of these points are:

Designing for Bigger Screens

  • keep in mind the ‘phablet’ market. Bigger phones like the iphone 6 plus are expected to become more common.
  • comfortable thumb reach is decreased with bigger phone screens affecting navigation

Simplified User Interface

  • no more skeuomorphic design
  • flat design, minimalism
  • highlight and maximise white space to focus users attention on other elements.
  • clarity and simplicity

Swiping Replaces Other Gestures

  • swiping is the most natural navigation
  • card layouts are good for this type of navigation

Functional Animation

  • animating elements increases sense of interaction
  • hamburger menus
  • makes experience more dynamic
  • html5 animations and parallax design


  • content overlay to focus users attention to specific content
  • important to not overuse as they can interfere with navigation
  • used to confirm an action or decision
  • provide a specific look at piece of content

Creative Navigation

  • horizontal, vertical, modular, and parallax scrolling, and hidden navigation

Storytelling and Branding

    • Highlighting the user with a highly customizable app experience
    • Incorporating new or emerging technologies (think Apple Pay)
    • Keeping the experience local and relevant

Increased Emphasis on Typography

  • With more fonts available, attention to typography can be increased.

Fresh Color Palettes

  • Material design colour schemes
  • App designs will move away from monochromatic palettes to more diverse and vibrant colour schemes.




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