Creating the Website

I thought of different concept ideas some of which could have been a little more “creative” but because I wanted to create something I could polish a little more to show to the client in a short amount of time I decided to try out my initial more standard scroll down homepage idea first and if I had the time I would try out the other ideas.

Using the assets pack that we were given and other imagery I found using google I started to collect content that I could use for my website. I then decided what I though featured the most important characteristics of the game and what other things I though were important to include onto the home page to give the clearest condensed overview of the game with out over flowing the user with information.

I sketched out some layout out ideas before I headed onto illustrator to start designing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above shows a brief over view of the development process of my homepage mock up. Showing everything from creating the layout, thinking of the navigation, content and aesthetics.

I designed the webpage with the content in the order I though was most important and ended up going for a more clean look by leaving the typography un-distressed, unlike other versions of the typeface I have seen being used on their original site, as well as utilising the cleanest version of the logo to reflect that. I also used blocks of colour and whitespace instead of having background imagery with a some use of orange to tie all the elements of the site.


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