Lightmaker – Website Research

My initial step towards this project was to research other gaming websites as well as websites from other industries. I also made sure to look at award winning websites with great navigation, UX design, visual design and interactivity.

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The gaming websites varied quite a lot in styles. Some of them being quite information heavy having several links to different aspects of the game like the Vainglory website above. While others such as the Angry Birds website are highly visual with just some call to action links to download each individual game that has been released by the company and a few navigation links at the top. The website it’s self doesn’t really explain what the game is about as if expecting visitors to have accessed the website knowing what it was Angry Birds was about.

Other websites like the Firewatch one have a more condensed overview of the game. Not only is it the visual style congruent with the game it has a nice balance between imagery and information. It includes a brief summary of the game, a trailer, direct ‘buy now links’, some screenshot of actual in game graphics as well as some reviews. If I wanted to find out more I could navigate the links to find out. I think this is a nice balance of information and visuals as well as having a nice visual style and a trendy parallax scroll style navigation.

I also accessed a series of award wining websites through Webbyawards website. Through there they have some of the best websites in different categories from 2016. These categories included websites with best function, visual aesthetic, user interface, user experience as well as many other categories. Through here I explored some great websites and inspired several ideas.


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