Smithe is a Mexican illustrator and graffiti artist. He began as a graffiti artist but has moved into design and illustration and is now working as a freelance illustrator. His work features surreal and sci-fi themes.

I find his work very interesting as I have always found surreal themes very enticing, and specially with the combination of bold colours and the street art style. He was my initial inspiration for my art direction on this project as I feel his work gives me ideas of how I could portray my urban myths theme. His work also has a more hand drawn quality to them which I would like to achieve with my illustrations as I want to avoid the typical vector artwork which sometimes looks a bit too polished.

In order to help me achieve something similar to what Smithe has done I needed to break down his working methods as much as I could. Luckily on his Behance page he breaks up the process on some of his work. The one I looked at below showed all the stages of his working method. He starts off with a rough sketch, then goes on to outline the illustration with a pen keeping a similar width of lines through out. He then puts the illustration into photoshop to paint into. In photoshop he not only adds colour, but also texture patterns and other detail using black shapes and lines to add contrast and depth. I am not entirely sure what method he has taken to add the texture patterns however. I assume they are brush presents.


Since this is not a style I have tried before it’s going to be a challenge. Of course I don’t expect to achieve anything as good as this but I will like to develop my illustration skills into a style similar to this.



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