APP Mid Crit (reflective practice)


We had an interim crit to show our progress on our APP. It is always a good opportunity to step back from a project and gather my thoughts and think about where I want to go next, as well as getting feed back from tutors and peers. This time around I was lagging behind a little on this APP project as I had been struggling with dissertation. However I still received some feed back into the direction of my project.

It was a good point to acknowledge my remaining production schedule and make sure that I am on schedule to produce my final deliverables which at this point involves three cards (three illustrations, plus front and back layouts of the cards) . I was suggested by my tutors of perhaps including something like a ‘trump card’ collectable sheet, where the cards would be stuck onto, collected as a whole because collectable cards on their own (because they are small) may seem like they aren’t much. I am taking this into consideration, but I am not sure it will feasible at this point as I want to focus on producing more quality over quantity and with time restrictions this is likely not going to happen.


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