Final outcomes & Evaluation


I am happy with the outcomes of my project. At first I wasn’t convinced I would be able to achieve something I’d be happy with within the two weeks I had to do it as I had been struggling with my dissertation beforehand. But the more I developed it the more I became happy with it. I achieved exactly what I set out to do, including the exact amount which I calculated the time perfectly for just enough time to achieve three pieces. However I would have loved to continue designing more characters to increase the collection.

As for the illustrations I am happy with the results too. I did struggle at the beginning achieving a style similar to Smithe’s in terms of colour, lines and textures. But through a lot of experimenting and combining other illustration styles such as pen drawings and eventually a bit Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, I arrived at my own solutions. I think the combination of these different styles let me achieve more organic illustrations that I wanted by keeping the imperfections of the lines. The only illustration that I was able to experiment with texturing on was the ‘chupacabra’, by using a pen stippling technique which looked good but didn’t give me the result I was looking for. I would have liked to experiment with texturing some more but as I was not familiar with the technique Smithe used; I wasn’t able to replicate something similar and the stippling technique was giving me some problems when in came to digitalising the illustrations. Also as I developed my other illustrations I felt they didn’t necessarily need the texturing so I kept them more inline to the pop art style light and shadow techniques.

I have developed my skills by trying out different techniques and I feel this has improved my illustration skills and I am able to work much faster than I did a year or two ago. I think that I have found a style that I can continue to tap into and improve. It’s a style of illustration that has always grabbed my attention through comics and skateboarding graphics as well as some street art.

The layout of the cards I think works very well at showcasing the illustrations primarily and giving it a relatively modern and clean layout. Avoiding the cliche textured backgrounds, cluttered layouts or overly stylised typefaces found in many card collectables. The text is set out nicely and is easy to read. The layout also gives the design a slightly more formal appearance accompanied by the illustrations making it appeal to a wider target audience of not only a younger range but older people too of about ages 12+ instead of being targeted just for kids which a lot of these card series are.

Overall I wish I had managed my time a little better so that I could continue expanding the project but I am happy with the results


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