Card Development pt 2


Looking into more layouts of collectable cards I found these very impressive set of playing cards called 52 Shades of Greed. I really liked the simple yet very effective layout. The illustrations take up most if not all of the inner rectangle area like how I want mine since i won’t be including too much text on the front side and the details of the banners going across diagonally and popping out of frame gives them a very nice look. The idea of having a banner going across to place the text gets rid of legibility issues by allowing black text over a white background as well as keeping the layouts looking consistent regardless of the illustration styles varying.

The idea of the framed boxes popping out is something I have seen before and have always liked the look of it. I have even used something similar on previous work I have done such as the one below.  This is something I want to incorporate into my layouts.


I took this new inspiration into my layouts and started experimenting. Having a banner is ideal for the rectangular compositions as I will be able to keep my designs how I want them and place the names just above them with out covering them too much or breaking up the illustrations.


After experimenting with the layouts I arrived at the solution below which was the most appropriate. It didn’t cover as much of the illustration as the diagonal banner, the white background worked better than black for the contrasting colours and I had the enough detail to add what I wanted like the card number, name, country of origin and description at the back. At this point I decided not to include maps for each as I didn’t think it was necessary and may hinder the rest of the design.

I also decided to stick to a simple and modern typeface such as Century Gothic which I am using below. The reason for this is due to the layout of the cards using a more decorative typeface like the ones I looked at previously do not go with the blocky style of the layout and another reason is that one style of decorative ‘horror film’ font may not necessarly work collectively for all my illustrations as they all have different personalities due to their country of origin and illustration style.

I also decided to add a little extra detail on the back side by adding a reflection of the image, instead of repeating the number. This I found looked good and added a little more character to the layout design.



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