Kasa-Obake Illustration Dev.

For this illustration and the Kuchisake-Onna illustrations I had a better idea in mind of the composition I was going for since I want to make the front of my cards show case as much of the illustration as possible as they will be in a vertical rectangular shape.

I followed the same suit as the previous illustrations by tracing the image on illustrator once I had scanned it. Then proceeded to expand it so that I could use the paint bucket tool to fill in sections of the illustration. This time around I had added all most of the embellishments previously while going over it with my pen such as the scratches and rips on the umbrella.

After adding colour I experimented a bit using different combinations keeping in mind the colours used in the two previous illustrations so they wouldn’t be too similar. Using adobe kuler to get sets of triad and complementary colours. Sticking generally to bright colours keeping inline with the comic/ pop art feel.



After selecting a colour scheme that I was happy I was able to add a few more details using the same shadow and highlight technique I used for the Kuchisake-Onna one.

Arriving at this final piece…



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