Roy Fox Lichtenstein

Roy Fox Lichtenstein was an American pop artist. During the 1960s, along with Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and James Rosenquist among others, he became a leading figure in the new art movement.

“Roy Lichtenstein was one of the most influential and innovative artists of the second half of the twentieth century. He is preeminently identified with Pop Art, a movement he helped originate, and his first fully achieved paintings were based on imagery lifted from comic strips and advertisements and rendered in a style mimicking the crude printing processes of newspaper reproduction. These paintings reinvigorated the American art scene and altered the history of modern art. Lichtenstein’s success was matched by his focus and energy, and after his initial triumph in the early 1960s, he went on to create an oeuvre of more than 5,000 paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, murals and other objects celebrated for their wit and invention.” -Avis Berman

Roy Lichtenstein’s work involves a lot of bright colours, thick lines and not overly detailed illustrations in a comic strip style. I really like the use of colours and composition of his work, specially in the famous ‘Whaam!’ -1963 painting. Some of his work utilised background textures like dots and some don’t.

The reason I decided to look into Roy Lichtenstein is that I feel my ‘chupacarba’ illustration is not having the desired effect I wanted to achieve with it. While I was able to add some texture and have some more unrefined lines through having have traced it with a pen, similar to the work of Smithe, the composition and colours were still lacking.

I want to make my cards pop out more in colour, specially since I will not be going for an overly detailed painting style (such as the one shown below), due to it not being my style and time constrictions. I though that simplifying the illustrations by making them more comic book/ pop art style would allow me to create a more dynamic outcome while still retaining the hand drawn look to my lines. 144190-010-01-197_20140821_135823-still



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