Pop Art and Old Horror Film Posters

I had a look at old horror film posters to take a look at the illustration styles and compositions that they have gone for as well as to their use of typography. It is clear that the compositions take into consideration the text and headings for the posters which is something I will not be including on mine other than the name of each urban myth. The typography tends to be the cliche horror film fonts with the distressed fonts or even a more comic strip style type but this was not the case for all the examples as some of them used simpler sans serif fonts.

The typography I will be using is something I need to bring into consideration. I can either make individualised headings for each card as I don’t think one typeface style would necessarily fit every illustration the same. Or use one for the logo/ card collection name on the back or front similar to what I did for my first prototype.

Below I looked at some pop art representations of monsters to get an idea of how retain a similar style for my next illustrations.


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