Kuchisake-Onna Illustration Dev.

For this illustration I took a different process at the beginning by tracing over the image below to get the general composition of the face and I then added some detail of the slit mouth.

This time around I did not include any stippling as I wanted to go with a more pop art finish and not fiddle around with the detail getting lost in the tracing process. I took the image straight into Illustrator and used the image tracing tools. This time I decided to stay in Illustrator so that I could used the blob brush tool, which allows more freedom in line thickness, smoothness and fidelity than the normal brush specially when using a drawing tablet. With this tool I would still be able to retain a slightly more organic looks to my lines as opposed to the pen tool.

I used a tutorial on:


This tutorial gave me tips on how to use the blob brush tool and I also followed the same techniques shown on the tutorial for shadows and lighting by placing a line layer above the shadows layer which I have seen being used in other comic style illustrations. Even though the work by Roy Lichtenstein doesn’t really include ‘shadows’ in his work by including different tones, instead he achieves it by line widths and black areas, I wanted to add a bit more depth by adding shadows and highlights in this way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found that the expression on the face of the girl seemed more scared than angry, which was making it seem like she is a victim rather then the perpetrator. I had to change her expression some how so I looked on google for angry face expressions to look at all the details of how I can make her look angry and more aggressive.

By changing the position and look of the eyebrows adding some wrinkling to the nose and eyes I was able to achieve the angry look I was going for. After this I simply went around changing the thickness of some of the lines and adding some more detail.



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