Illustration Dev. pt 1

After I had completed my illustration, I then scanned it again in order to place it through photoshop and add colour to it. I had to first open it up on photoshop and do a threshold adjustment layer in order to bring out the blacks so that the tracing options on Illustrator would pick up the lines and detail better.


Having had done this I opened the file on illustrator and using the tracing tools I was able to get an outline of my illustration. The tracing tool is something I hadn’t used before as I usually use the pen tool to trace my illustrations manually. This gave me two advantages to the pen tool: I am able to work faster and be able to achieve that more organic line work that I was trying achieve like the work of Smithe I looked at previously.


After tracing the image in Illustrator, I then expanded it in order to have editable outlines. Making the outlines into vector shapes essentially. I was then able to bring those vector outlines back into photoshop for painting.



I noticed that a some of the stippling detail had be lost in the process of tracing the image. I think this was due to both the tracing process and the fidelity of the tracing as well as having had adjusted the image threshold to bring up the blacks. Some of the stippling had clumped up into bigger chunks that just didn’t have the same feel as the original. I then had to go in and with the brush tool try to fill in the gaps and diffuse some of those clumps.


When colouring in I wanted to keep the colours muted as I had the idea the illustration taking place at night, as most the sightings of the chupacabra are at night. Also I am not sure if I want to include a background as of yet. I had to create a copy of the line work to add on top of the colour layer as the colour fills got painted over some of the detail.



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