Jaya Suartika

I looked at different styles of pen and ink illustrations to get an idea of the techniques involved in the process. There are many different styles that can be achieved using pens varying in different levels of complexity.

One artist that caught my eye in particular was Jaya Suartika. Who is actually a tattoo artist but incorporates the use of stippling into his work. Stippling is a technique used to create shadows and/ or patterns involving using a pen to create individual dots creating different levels of solidity. The work of Jaya Suartika uses stippling but in a way that is not overly detailed and is very apparent that this technique is being used. As opposed to other artist that use this technique to create hyper realistic illustrations that you have to look at closely to view all the stippling texture. I think something like this would be appropriate for the style that I am trying to achieve with my illustrations.




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