FF Brief-Presenting To The Client

We had to pitch our idea to the client through a small presentation. It was only a few slides with a 20 second timer describing what direction we took after last time we spoke and to what solution I have arrived. I practiced a little bit to what I was going to say but as to I messed up some of the transitions on my presentation it caught me off guard and put me off what I was going to say. So I feel my pitch didn’t go as well as I would have liked and show have practiced a bit more. However I think they understood what I was trying to get at with this solution.

The feedback they gave me was that they felt my idea was good but it would be better if it was animated to add to the TV screens which is something I completely agree but with the obvious time constraint I didn’t arrive at that solution. But I did in my presentation say that this could be a possibility. Another point they made was that they felt my idea would be more useful as a one time thing but not something that could be continuously evolving, which I completely agree as something like the ‘wall of fame’ would have been something that can be constantly updated and kept in the loop.

This is something I had thought about during my design process, but I thought this problem could be addressed by later animating it and adding it onto a their TV feeds which could be re run from time to time.




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