FF Brief – Evaluation

I feel that this has been a interesting project especially since it was a live brief with real clients. I had the opportunity to be at the factory since the beginning and experience first hand the problem that needed solving. Pitching to the client and getting feedback from them directly was also great practice.

As for my solution I feel it achieves the brief well, and I completed what I set out to do which was to illustrate the journey and help the employees visualise the importance of it and help motivate them to care more for the fruit that they are packaging. I feel I may have been a little stubborn with not just continuing on with the group idea we came up with and just finalise solutions for that being the ‘ wall of fame’ and so on. The reason for this is that even tho graphically they weren’t the most exciting solutions, they were ‘evolving’ solutions to what the client was looking for; I always just thought of them more of business strategies than actual visual solutions that I could provide them with; as they don’t necessarily need a particularly exciting wall of fame (graphically) to implement that idea if they chose to.

I also always though the best solution would have been an animation reflecting back on the original feedback they gave to the groups. I felt that something on a screen could be reused as many times as they wanted, it would get rid of the problem of having graphics in the fruit prep areas and it could be updated. But like I said before I chose not to take the risk doing something I hadn’t done before in such a short amount of time. However my choice of the info-graphic was always done with the intention of later animating it or even adding it to other mediums such as leaflets and such so it wouldn’t just be a poster hanging in the employees canteen that would be seen once.

As for the actual info-graphic I think it does a good job illustrating the journey without any text and highlighting the most important aspects: the long journey and the importance of the employees at the centre of the design. Aesthetically I achieved the style I was going for which was flat-design and I think I’ve done a good job at it. It’s a style that I will probably use again as it looks professional and yet illustrates something with simplicity. There are some bits that could have been improved like the transitions between each of the stages of the journey and will probably go back and make changes to them. I also would have like to make it into a leaflet format with or give the animating a try. Over all it was a good experience and I enjoyed the process.


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