Fruit Factory -Infographic Research/Development

Once I decided on doing an info graphic I knew I wanted to make it purely visual to avoid the language barrier problem again. I also didn’t have enough ‘statistics’ to play around with graphs to show help visualise the numbers. At least not ones that I personally feel the employees would really relate to or help them in the motivation process. Also the individual journey of each fruit is different as they all come from different countries. So instead of having a detailed view into the wastage and cost of each fruit I wanted to generalise the journey emphasising the different stages and the the employees role within that journey.

I was inspired by a friends cartoon series that has recently been getting a lot of attention. His illustration style is great, but what I took from it is that the illustrations don’t have to be overly complicated or detailed to get the point across. I also always liked the look and feel of flat icons/ flat design which even though they are a different style to my friends illustration, they are still simple illustrations that work perfectly well. Also if I was going to be working on Illustrator, flat icons would be something I could achieve easily with vectors. So I did some research into flat design and info graphics.

Looking at the flat design things that come to mind are:

  • simple shapes often geometrical
  • minimal detail
  • some depth achieved by adding two tones to imagery
  • no effects (bevel, glow etc.)
  • bright colours

I then went on to look at info-graphics, focusing mainly one ones without too many statistics and showing some sort of journey.

Another reason I wanted to stick to flat design is because I think it works well with info-graphics. It helps the illustrations sit nicely with the information with out competing for attention. For example the Steve Jobs info-graphic above uses a mixture of styles, graphics photos, over some vector background. Even though it gets the job done I find it looks a bit messy and not as appealing to other info-graphics that stick to one graphical style. Another thing I noticed with info graphics showing a ‘journey’ was the recurring theme of having some sort of road running through the page inter connecting everything.

While I think it’s important that the sections of my info-graphic be connected in a similar manner, I don’t think a road would necessarily work for mine. I would still like a way of connecting the different stages of the fruit journey. Also almost all info graphics have some sort of text in them which is something I will need to address.


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