Fruit Factory-Individual Development

After pitching our groups ‘Wastebusters’ campaign we were asked to carry on the project individually. We had the option of carrying on with our groups idea or to branch off, even perhaps taking advantage of other groups ideas to develop what hopefully would be a stronger idea of our own.

Here is some of the feedback we received from the client:

  • not sure about having graphics in food prepping areas for health and safety reasons so avoiding vinyl graphics in those areas would be best. They could be used in the canteen or uniform changing areas however
  • screen based graphics would be ok (as they are looking to add more screens around the factory)
  • No birthday recognition as “it’s too personal” for the amount of employees.
  • They liked the idea of a the fruit journey, wall of fame, and having the employees recognised in some way.
  • they want a solution that is always in transformation, not a temporary solution.

With this in mind I began thinking of possible solutions. There was a few things I needed to keep in mind however the time constraint and the project size. I knew I did not have much time to work on it and as well as the project size as it was best not to go full out designing something too big.

I also did not want to necessarily redo what our group had done already and re-visualise our wall graphics and wall of fame even though they were good ideas at motivating the employees, I wanted to come up with something more visual for both myself and the client. I would have liked to do an animation as I think that is really what the client would most likely prefer based on our feedback, however I decided it was risky and time consuming trying out animation for the first time for the short time I had left to do the project.

After thinking of other groups ideas I liked the main points from some of them which were to highlight the fruits journey and to emphasise the employee’s importance as well. With the journey in mind I though of creating an info-graphic showing the journey of the fruit. I thought this would provide me with a nice visual solution for the clients and something to go into my portfolio as well. It would also allow me to further develop my illustration skills as its something that I want to specialise in.


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