We split the work into sections in our group to come up with a more polished idea that we could present to the client. Pete came up with the logo in which it does a great job at portraying our ‘campaign’ idea in a comical sense.


This was a visual of how our ‘Wall of Fame’ could look like walloffame

I designed the wall graphics, I wanted to create something dynamic and colour full as the main purpose for them was going to simply be to brighten up the factory, secondly to remind employees of the Wastebusters campaign. When creating the graphics I took inspiration from that well known fruit slicing app game, helping give the imagery movement and pop out with the dynamic colours.


Below is a quick mock up I did to show how the wall graphics might look within the actual factory.wall-mock-up

After we presented our idea to our client, they gave us feedback on what they liked and didn’t like or wanted to change. Some of the things they mentioned was things like celebrating employees birthdays was perhaps a bit too personal, another thing was that that they weren’t sure if vinyls would be possible in the actual fruit handling areas for hygiene reasons. They also mentioned that they plan on incorporating TV screens into several of the rooms which would allow for a different approach, i.e animations.

They liked the idea of the wall of fame as it is something that could be constantly be evolving, being weekly or monthly which would help keep to ‘waste’ topic current in the employees minds instead of looking at a graphic once and then later forgetting about it.

We also had the opportunity to see the presentations from the other groups and the feedback that they received. Keeping all this in mind we were now tasked to individually carry on the idea or develop our own idea into a more solid design that we would later present to the client again.



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