In our groups we were asked to carry out a few different divergent thinking activities to help generate ideas. Above we were asked to think of every day situations that we as individuals find may be contributing to ‘waste’ in one way of another wether that be turning off the lights in a room when you leave it , to turning off the engine of your car when stuck in traffic. On the second part we came up with the obvious but simple solutions to each.dsc_0399

We also carried out a quick exercise to come up with different emotions that come up when thinking about waste. At this point the group naturally started correlating emotions with caricature fruit characters which I think was a natural next step in the process relating to the wasted fruit.  dsc_0400

We began coming up with more solid ideas as to how we could create a campaign that will help motivate the employees. We thought of creating a ‘Wastebusters’ campaign with the aims of highlighting waste by making the employees at the factory become more involved in the process by creating things such as ‘The Wall of Fame’ in which the employees with least wastage could have their names displayed creating a competitive atmosphere between the different shift groups at keeping the wastage down and giving them recognition. We also felt that we needed something to give back to the employees by perhaps improving their break room to have things like, having music playing, massage chairs or different lunch menus each week relating to the many nationalities of the employees. Something to give back to the employees was crucial at creating effective motivation.



We also though that the factory environment was perhaps too sterile and lacked a bit of colour to lighten up the place. I came up with this quick sketch for possible wall graphics to be added in and around the different areas of the factory. This would surely have some sort of positive physiological effect.


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