Logo Development pt.2

Since I initially wanted to hand render my logo I had the idea in mind that I wanted to include some decorations to the type. Having a decorative typeface would go with the patterns of the alebrijes and help emphasise that look. I was still able to do this by getting rid of the fill of the text and then manually adding in the decorations. I wanted to keep the decorations simple and have seen some examples of similar old western style fonts with circles within so I decided to go with that. I created a small circle and duplicated for each one, placing them on top of a line a did with in the each letter to help me keep them relatively on the centre of each letter. I also used a small rectangle shape to roughly help gauge the distance between each circle and keep them consistent.

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After adding all the circles in I wanted the type to pop out some more but by adding a drop shadow through the effects options it didn’t give me the result I wanted, so I decided on adding some manually making the text appear like it’s got some depth to it. I kept it consistent by adding it to the left and bottom of the letters. Once I completed it I was happy with the results and I think it has made my logo much stronger now and works well as a decorative piece of its own.

I wanted to improve on the banner as I rushed the original one and it could definitely be improved. Once I included the names of the other beers, ‘imperial stout’ and the ‘lager’ it became even more obvious that I had to change the banner to work with all three of the beer names.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.26.28

I first made the banner below to fit in with the longer name of ‘imperial stout’ and it worked well with the extra ribbon folds but once I used it for the ‘pale ale’ or the ‘lager’ the extra folds on the banner was over powering the text. There was just too much extra banner.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.26.55

So I decided to compromise on the new banner and get rid of one of the folds and was left with a banner that worked a lot better for all three beer names. Leaving that fold going behind the banner with the ‘shadow’ gives it just enough detail with out being over powering over the main ‘los alebrijes’ type.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.27.09



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