Alebrijes Development pt.5

I started doing a fourth illustration but this time trying to follow a different style of alebrije, using much more intricate pattern work and the colour schemes are also darker. It was immediately much more complicated to get the patterns right and since this was a illustration that had a lot of curves I wanted the patterns to have a sense of perspective and not just flat so this made it even more complicated. I played around with the blend tool on illustrator trying to create patterns to follow curves which is a limited capability in illustrator. Since I wasn’t able to achieve the desired look using these methods I opted for doing it manually by painstakingly adding every individual pattern shape and adjusting the points using the selection tool .

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I soon realised that this was going to be very time consuming and would also mean that I would have to change the style of my existing Alebrijes to fit in with this more complex style. Another reason why I scrapped this version is because at the time of scaling down the illustration for the label, a lot of the detail would get lost anyway.

Going back to my other illustrations I now needed to adjust them to be more in line with the illustration of the owl. I started by going back to adobe kuler to get a better colour scheme for my dragon. Once I found one that I was happy with and changed the colour scheme I started including shadow. This time around I couldn’t follow the same process of halving just half the illustration within a shadow because of the position of the dragon being diagonal it just wouldn’t work. So I added shadow to different sections of the neck and horns to add a sense of depth and have the light coming in from the right left side.

In order to add the shadows I had to create an outline of the shadow area and within that outline traced over existing shapes and using the pathfinder again I was able to gett the shapes within the shapes. These new shapes I just adjusted the tone of each colour and got rid of the strokes


For the porcupine illustration I didn’t have to change the colour scheme as it worked just fine and I planned of having that one the lighter of the three because it will the the illustration that I will be using for the larger, being the lightest beer of the three. I did however add some  shadow detail to the spikes and body.

With these changes I am happier with the look of my illustrations and I think they are ready to be included on to the labels.


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