Logo Developement

I began by sketching out different logo ideas, using some fonts online as reference. After getting some ideas down I carried out a small survey in class to see which one was the most popular. I made a bit of a mistake by having one of them that in much more detail so it looked much more complete than the other ones so that could have had an influence in making people choose that one.


As seen above the more complete one, won the vote but it was the one I preferred as well. I’am usually not a fan of the old western style typefaces but for my project I thought it’s the more appropriate choice and I am also thinking of decorating the type to go with the pattern illustrations that go on the Alebrijes, and these typefaces work well with decorations too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 17.16.52

I originally thought of hand rendering my logo typeface, but after having some discussions with my tutor I realised it was not something that was necessary as I could easily find a western style font online and work with that. I then went over to illustrator and re created some of my logo sketches using different fonts that I found. At this stage I still liked the possibility of using a script font as I think it could sit in nicely with the words ‘Los Alebrijes’.




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