Alebrijes Development pt.4

For this illustration I needed to get the spikes on the ‘porcupine’ like creature, as it’s what makes it interesting. After creating the outlines for the body I created a circle around the body as a guideline for my spikes, giving them some direction and making sure the spikes are flowing outwards in all directions. Using a single triangular spike I then duplicated the shape for each of the spikes but played around with the size and positioning to give it a sense of depth. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the patterns I made several oval shapes creating cloud like shapes and merged them together using the pathfinder. I then added a small circle within these shapes. While making this illustration I started experimenting with the ‘brush styles’ giving the illustration a very different feel with dry brush styles that gave the appearance of a rougher finish and as if it was imperfectly painted using a brush as seen below more clearly illustrated on the eyes and pattern shapes. I liked that look as it helped remove that ‘colouring’ book feel I mentioned previously. I would have to apply the same technique to my other illustrations to see if it works well with the others.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 16.21.19


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