Alebrijes Development pt.3

I wanted to start developing my other Alebrijes so that I would have more to illustrations to choose from later on. I took my dragon sketch and using illustrator I used the same process for it as I did for the owl, that is using the pen tool and the pathfinder as my primary tools. This time I wasn’t working with a symmetrical illustration so I couldn’t divide the illustration in two parts.

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This time around I decided to experiment with the pattern tool on illustrator as I had larger sections to work with and I thought it might make the pattern process a bit faster. The pattern tool is a very useful one which allows you to create your own patterns after creating any shape. I had to experiment a little bit to get the hang of it and look at what works. Below is the pattern that I made which I later on added to the horns of the dragon.

After I completed all the line work I went ahead and added colour sticking to the bright colour schemes referenced from my source material and keeping inline with the owl illustration. Once I added the colour I was once again not convinced by the finish. The clashing bright colours were just not working as well as I would have liked and I knew I would definitely have to go back and work on my colour schemes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 20.39.09


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