Progress Crit

We had to do an in class presentation to show our progress on our FMPs. This helped me step back from my work and see where I am standing on my project as well as receive feedback from my tutors and classmates.

I received some useful feedback on the direction of my illustrations and how I can arrive to a more desired result by experimenting with lines thickness and other complimentary colours, as at this moment I feel that my illustrations are a bit too flat and resemble colouring books that have recently become popular. I was also recommended to experiment more with the beer label shapes themselves and not get tied down with the usual rectangular or oval shapes often seen.

I feel my progress is a little behind do to the fact of the time it takes to make each illustration and since I haven’t found a definitive style that works I keep going back and forth to see what works. I do feel that once I have a style that can be applied to all my illustrations I will be able to finish up the rest of the project quite easily. I need to develop the labels more and see how they would work as a whole.

Other time constraints involve getting the labels printed professionally, even though my tutors said I could have a photoshop mock up of the beers for the exhibition. As often labels printed on more standard printers don’t stick very well. But ideally I would like to have the actual beers on display for the exhibition, from that I can take some photos for my portfolio which I think would look better than a mock up.


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