More label and packaging inspiration

Cerveceria Sagrada

Cervecería Sagrada is a Mexican craft beer inspired by Lucha Libre wrestlers. Designed by José Guízar, he takes these colourful characters which were considered folk heroes in Mexico during the 1950s. The wrestlers were not only famous in the ring but were also featured in comic books and movies. The labels recreate the masks of some of the most famous of the wrestlers. I think this is a great and unique approach to the labels as each has a unique character represented in a simple yet effective graphic. These are the kind of bottles I would collect if I got my hand on them.



These bright and colourful bottle label designs for Jose Cuervo are inspired by Day of the Dead theme. They use a lot of pattern work and bright colours. I think they make for a very eye-catching bottle label.



Irish Chilli sauce company Mic’s Chilli. Illustrations by Steve Simpson



These label illustrations are also Mexican themed with Aztec and Mayan influences. I like how the label works as one piece. The colour schemes help tie the main illustrations with the rest of the label. It is also accompanied by appropriate decorative elements such as the pattern work. The illustrator Steve Simpson added a nice touch to the barcode by adding related hieroglyph like graphics to it.



I visited this brewery in Camden, London. They take a typographic approach to their labels. Each beer is distinguished by a unique typeface and colour. The diagonal placement of the type gives it a dynamic look accompanied by the bright colours of the labels. They all carry the ‘camden’ heading and a logo on the bottom right. I think these are simple yet effective labels.

Astra Beer

Designed by Andrea Pagano

These labels have detailed illustrations each depicting mythical creatures. They give a nice character to brand. The whole label sits in a quite a small oval shape, containing most the information necessary while leaving the illustrations do the talking. The names of the beer are placed in a thin san serif at the bottom while the beer logo is placed at the top integrated with the rest of the design.

Seattle Beer Week

Another beer with great illustration. The quirky outdoors, ‘camping’ illustration gives it a unique style. I do like how in cans the label is printed directly on the can unlike bottles giving it a certain shine and allows for larger illustrations I think. Here the brand name and logo are placed in the middle of the illustration with the two main focal points on each side. as shown above.

Melting Pot Brewery


These beer labels use kind of vintage style illustration and have a worn out aesthetic to them with stains and a yellowish tint found in old paper. The bottles themselves are very unique for beer bottles being sealed with corks and the shape of the bottles make it seem as they are using recycled bottles. Each bottle has unique typography reflecting the illustrations. I really like the approach of the bottle shapes with corks for my beers I will be looking into the possibility of using unusual glass bottles if possible.

Rutt Beer Brewery

As I have decided on leaning to a more illustrative way for my beer labels, I am looking at creating something fresh and not follow the more ‘serious’ look of other more traditional beer brands. The reasons for this is because I want to attract a younger crowd to craft beers as well as give help the beer stand out from the rest. The example above does a good job at it, it uses illustrations that are not overly complex with a bit of a modern ‘hipster’ touch, the glasses and such. The typography choices are dynamic and modern almost graffiti tag like with the bright backgrounds. This design elements reflect the brewery’s logo which seems modern using bold sans-serif type in a stamp. The minimal colour schemes work well at directing attention to the important bits.

Gingerella from Sri Lanka

This ginger ale brand has a 60s style illustration with very minimal colour scheme. What grabs my attention about this label is how the border less illustration seems to integrate itself with the rest of the bottle better. The hand rendered type and the illustration work very well together too. The design looks fresh while staying simple. The minimal colour would help keep printing cost down too.

Maven Craft Beer * Designed by Rudi de Wet

Here the labels follow a typographic approach with some other design elements as decoration mainly and to bring the typographic element together. Each label has its own style of typography. All the type seems hand rendered including the other sections such as the ingredients and other information of the bottle. This helps keep the design more uniform and adds to its personality. The logo of the brewery is secondary in this design as it’s on its placed on the left in (which would wrap around to the back of the bottle) in a small size as part of the other information on the beer. I imagine the bar code is on a separate section of the label.


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