Rouge Ales

I wanted to examine Rouge Ales in more detail as they seem to have quite an unusual approach to their brand.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.05.01

The Rouge brewery started off as a “brew pub” in Oregon, U.S.A  back in 1987. They produce Ale, Porter, Stout, Lager and Spirits. I think that their mission statement clearly states what Rouge is all about what they are trying to achieve through their visual identity and brand image. I think this is reflected through their unique illustrative labels, they all express their own personality but still keep to the core values of Rouge. Below I picked out a few examples of their uniquely packaged beers.

Glow in the dark labels is something you don’t see in your average beer bottles. It’s a fun and different approach.


Their illustrations vary quite a lot and reflect the name given to the specific beer.


Here is an extended look at one of their labels using Hellboy, a known superhero for their ‘Right Hand of Doom Red Ale’. The use of the that superhero is appropriate for the name and look they wanted to portray for this particular ale.

Some of the illustrations however seem a little random but I guess it reflects the name of the IPA and connects to the company’s values of ‘doing things different’


The label above and this one follow the most common style of the label design in their range of beers. They have that same rectangle section under the brand name, where the illustrations are placed. This allows for them to be more easily modified later to create a new label by exchanging the illustation in that section and a change in colour scheme. The use of other design elements are applied to some as the decorative flower that is flowing out of the rectangle in which the main illustration sits.

At the back of the label they included icons which work as food pairing symbols, I think  this is a nice touch that is usually seen on wine bottles instead. This also reflect to the type of market which craft beers find themselves in; one where consumers are looking to seek out new flavours and such. It becomes more of a specialist drink choice for beer connoisseurs.


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