Bottles or Cans

I will be looking into possibly using a can for my beer rather than a bottle. There are some benefits to using cans like being able to take advantage of almost the entire body of the can for the packaging design rather that a label being stuck onto a bottle. There also seems to be a growing trend for breweries and microbreweries alike to put their brews into cans.

For some brewers cans are the most cost effective form of packaging. According to John Szymankiewicz, a lawyer based at Matheson Law Office’s Beer Law Center in North Carolina, there is an increase in demand for cans, with new breweries using cans and other breweries shifting from bottles to cans.


I personally prefer to buy a beer in a bottle rather than a can as they do seem to taste better but I don’t know if that is just in my head. According to beer packaging experts however the lining inside a can which is a water-based polymer doesn’t interact with the beer hence it doesn’t have an impact on flavour. Also the aluminum used in cans today is so thin that with out the lining inside the beer would eat through the metal.

Examples of beers in cans vs bottles.


21st Amendment Brewery

21st Amendment is a great example of being able to utilise the whole ‘canvas’ by using cans. I really like the look of the illustrations they have used, portraying historical figures in a very dramatic cartoon form makes for a very attractive visual theme.

The most important point for me however is how I can best take advantage of the packaging platform, wether it be a bottle or a can. Which would allow for my brand to stand out the best? I have the advantage that this is my own project as I can make the choice myself because if this was commissioned by an actual brewery I probably wouldn’t have that choice. There is also the possibility of having both of course.

I also have to keep in mind however that I want to have my final pieces look as professional as possible so being able to print on a can is a process I have to look into more and see if it’s even a possibility to get it printed professionally at such a small scale for the exhibition.



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