FMP Propolsal

Aims: To design a brand for a microbrewery company. I intend to create a brand for a microbrewery focusing on the branding and packaging as well as any accompanying secondary promotional items such as a website, coasters and/or an advertisement poster.

Target Audience: 20-50 year olds. The market for craft beers tends to be more affluent and well educated audience than the average beer drinker. I want to keep the traditional market but also target a younger crowd.

Specific Individual Outcomes: I intend to produce a logo for a beer company as well as the packaging for the bottles including label design and bottle design. I will aim to create a variation of 2-3 labels for the different types of beer produced by the mircorbrewery.  Any secondary items such as a website, a promotional advertisement poster and coasters will designed if time permits.

Research & Methodology: I intend to look into branding and packaging of existing beers companies as well as from other products. I also intend on visiting exhibitions were possible such as the House of Illustration to do some research into illustration. I will be looking at online and printed sources as much as possible to keep my self off the computer through out the research and face. Some of the sources I will be looking at include:

Davis, M., Baldwin, J. and Ardill, R. (2006) More than a name: An introduction to branding  ; with a theoretical commentary by Jonathan Baldwin. Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA.

Thomas, G. (2003) How to design logos, symbols and icons. United States: How Design Books.

Cabarga, L. (2004) Logo, font and lettering bible. United Kingdom: David & Charles.


Learning Outcomes: I intend keep coming back to my learning outcomes to make sure I am achieving them successfully and evaluate my work accordingly.

Testing Outcomes: I will evaluate my work through out the entire process but I will have a couple of check points set through my production schedule to help step back from my work and use semiotics to deconstruct my work and see how I am achieving the learning outcomes. I will also carry out surveys were appropriate.

Experimentation: I intend to investigate and try out different techniques to create my labels, perhaps looking into different painting techniques instead of just digital illustrations. I want to do this in order to create more a more unique look to my brand.

Reflection: Through out the development and research I intend to keep reflecting back upon my work and see how I can improve my work .

Professional Practice (Portfolio): The final outcomes I want to produce are primarily the beer bottles, I cant put them in my portfolio. I will include photography of the final products combined with other secondary items I produce such as the website mock up and advertisement poster.






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