Final Boards

After developing my idea and doing a few mock up designs I began creating my design boards which are a way of showing the whole process of my concept and are the final pieces handed in to the Design Factory. I wanted to make sure that sustainability was a clear theme through out the boards as well as trying to show the ‘making it different’ theme through out. The boards needed to be a very visual representation of my idea and show a clear process in the research and development that went in to it.

As for the actual layouts I wanted to keep them simple using strong images to drive my point across as the main design element. Using clear headings for each of the sections also makes them easier to follow. Using four columns of text to keep text light and easily legible as well as utilising space wherever possible to help them flow. I also used a black background knowing that they will be viewed on screen, and a black background uses less energy to be displayed (keeping to the sustainability factor) as well as makes the images and coloured headings stand out nicely. Over all I think they work well to and get the message across appropriately.



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