I have achieved the brief successfully by designing an intervention using existing technology to ‘making things different’. I have taken a relatively new technology which is virtual reality and have used it to design an educational experience.

Through my research I think I thoroughly investigated the possibilities of making this concept a reality. It is just a matter of actually developing the virtual environments which is something I am not familiar with involving other skill sets. I would have liked to have had a go at learning more into what is involved in the programming required to develop virtual environments, however look into how turning panoramic photography into simple VR but I still needed dedicated software to create them.

I also managed to thoroughly achieve the required Options module requirements by looking more into photography that could possibly be related to my project. The Peter Kennard exhibition also gave me a good background research into photomontage work which I used to create all my mock ups and my final piece. It’s not the first time I have done a photomontage but it had definitely been a while since I had used photoshop fur that kind of work so I was a bit rusty. The final piece is a poster that illustrates the concept in action as if it was a poster for a museum exhibition. The connotation of it is appropriate for what I was trying to communicate but the only thing that could have been better communicated through the poster is perhaps the interactivity aspect as I had show in my previous mock up with the girl manipulating the turtle with the plastic bag, however I couldn’t find good images to use except for that one of the girl which I felt looked like dated VR equipment with cables and such all over.

In conclusion I think the thorough research makes this a strong concept and a very achievable one. If I could do something different perhaps for next years Design Factory is chose something a little less conceptual that I can produce more physical work as a graphic designer. I also feel the project may have actually been more appropriate for last years brief but it still managed to make things different.



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