Concept Imagery Development

Through out the development of my VR concept I created different imagery to help demonstrate the concept. Since I had to stick to my ‘Options module’ I had to create a final piece using photography. It was difficult to come up with a way to show the concept and would have found it easier to create some illustrations to better show it. Also it was not a topic I could have really taken my own photography.


Here is an image of an Oculus Rift from the inside. I took another image of a littered ocean, using photoshop I created a mask layer and using the brush tool I revealed the ocean image on the bottom layer I was able to give the impression of looking through the headset into this environment.

photo credit: fotos593/shutterstock

This is the final result of the masked image through the headset.





Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.04.29

Here using a different image that I found on wikicommons I thought I would try to show the interactivity of the concept. I began by using the quick selection tool to select the girl.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.04.08

Using the ‘refine edge’ option I was able to feather and smoothen out the selection crop. This is a useful option to help make image cutouts less jagged and rough in some instances.


Using this image of a turtle with a plastic bag I repeated the same process. I was then able to combine the two images in a placement that made it look like the girl was interacting with the turtle.


I thought this was an effective image at demonstrating the concept and its interactivity aspects. But I was not satisfied and wanted to create a more complete image that helped bring it all together by adding some sort of background. I wanted to create a background that was somewhat visually abstract to emphasise the virtual reality aspect. I found a tutorial on a Computer Arts Magazine in class that seemed like what I wanted to create.

I started with a creating a radial gradient fill on a black background. I then found an image of an oil droplet which converted it to black and white so that it would be easier to blend later, on a different document. I then placed it on a new layer over the blue radial fill, with an ‘overlay’ mode. I duplicated that layer and added a ‘soft light’ blending mode which added more highlights to the detail in the oil droplet. I then found some smoke brushes online which I converted to custom brushed I could use. Using these new brushed I added more details to the background using different colours. Using filter>Distort>Shear I added some movement to the smoke brush layer help giving it a nice effect and by giving it a ‘difference’ blending mode it gave it a nice effect to the original colours.


I then added some text to the image to help complete the image as a poster. After completing this image however I wasn’t convinced by the background as I though the girl and the turtle got lost in the background and there was just too much going on.


Finally for my final imagery I wanted to create another photomontage that would show the concept similar to the above image but using some different imagery. I also thought the image of the girl seemed like the VR equipment she was using looked dated with cables running through and she is also wearing a uniform which is a bit distracting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quickly sketched out another composition and then looked for imagery that I could use to recreate it. I used two ocean images one of an empty ocean and another one with some dolphins in the background. I blended these two images using a a layer mask on the dolphin images and adding a ‘soft light’ blending mode to it. I then added the image of the turtle I had used previously. I also added an image of a guy wearing an oculus rift looking up in awe. The reason I used this image is because it’s an (Oculus) VR headset more likely to be recognised by people and it seemed more appropriate to show the composition I was going for. I added a slight outer glow effect to the guys head as it gave it a slight surreal feel that I think accompanies a virtual experience.

Using a ‘colour balance’ layer mask I played around slightly with the blues and greens to help blend the images together and give the guys face a slight blue tint as it was a reflection of the ocean imagery, only very slightly as I did not want to over do it. I then added the title of my VR experience, called “Save the Oceans” with the caption “a virtual experience” using Helvetica bold. To complete my poster I added the logo of a foundation I had been looking at during my research that had inspired me their anti littering campaigns.



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