VR Photography (Panoramic Photography)

I had a look at photography related to VR, in this case panoramic photography. Panoramic photography is about capturing images with an elongated horizontal field of view. This is achievable with modern phones but is also achieved by capturing several images and stitching them together using special software like photoshop. Normally when looking to create virtual environments using this photographic technique, shooting multiple images in a full 360 degree rotation is needed to create a complete image.



The use of special software after stitching the images together is needed to create the virtual environment such as Apple’s QuickTime VR software. The complete image can also be totally computer generated effect or a composite of photography and computer objects. These virtual composites can be viewed on a computer screen and used to demonstrate things like real estate virtual home tours, online tourist destinations, promotional websites for hotels, restaurants and airlines as well as many other things.





Another similar photographic technique is used to create ‘object movies’. They are created by shooting with your digital camera pointed towards an object while the object is rotated through many angles. This results in a image that once stitched together enables the viewer to interactively rotate the object on their computer screen by dragging their mouse. It is often used by online retailers to showcase their products on websites such as eBay.




Mikkel Aaland. (2003). Shooting Panoramas and Virtual Reality. In: DARIA MEOLI AND RACHEL MEYERS Shooting Digital. na: Sybex. 177-195.






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