Development Sketches

I began making some sketches for my concept. It has been difficult figuring out how I am going to demonstrate my concept for two major reasons, the first being that my idea is just a concept about an experience created through virtual reality and not a about an actual product. Secondly I need to use photography as part of my ‘Options’ learning outcomes which makes it even more difficult when trying to visualise a concept. I want the core of the idea to be shown through my final images and not make them too literal by showing the venue/museum room for example. These are some sketches I’ve done so far:


This would be a group of teens (in a not too distant future) sitting in a heavily littered beach enjoying the sunshine as one of them is laying back with a virtual reality headset visualising ‘paradise’, a nice clean beach. This has kind of been inspired by the anti-littering campaigns I have been looking at but I am not too sure how clear it would be at showing what the VR experience is be about.


This idea shows a girl wearing a VR head set in which she is using to interact within the virtual environment. In this environment she is helping remove litter from the beach. This idea shows more of how I want my concept to work; allowing the user to interact with this environment and create a change having a more lasting effect on the user. Perhaps she could be helping a seal that has some plastic stuck on it or a turtle that has gotten tangled on a plastic bag.





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