Cycle Revolution – Design Factory


As part of the Design Factory brief, we were asked to visit the Cycle Revolution and Designs of the Year 2015 exhibitions at the Design Museum. The first exhibition I visited was the Cycle Revolution; showing the evolution of cycling and how different needs have influenced the designs into creating very different bicycles.

It was very interesting to see how the different needs of people whether it be long distance cycling, thrill seekers, or regular cyclers-has had an impact on the designs and materials used to create each of these bicycles. The evolution in the design of these bikes is very specific to their needs, for example high performance bicycles used in races and long distance races such as the ‘Pinarello Dogma 2’ helped Sir Bradley Wiggins become the first British rider to win the Tour de France.

Wiggins riding the Pinarello Dogma (

Later using another high performance Pinarello, Wiggins achieved ‘The Hour Record’, the longest distance cycled in an hour. These sucesses were thanks to not only the skill of Wiggins as a rider but the research into designing ever lighter and stronger bicycles.

Image result for bolide hr
Bolide HR


Other interesting developments that happened through research and trial and error would be de evolution of the seats and uniforms used in long distance races. The materials used through out time have improved for both comfort and performance.



There were many other very interesting developments that have taken place in the cycling world. Some very unusual concepts as well leading to some very unusual looking bicycles. Another one of the designs that caught my eye was the Keim Edition with a wooden frame, it looked very slick and simple yet had an elegant design to it.

This exhibition has opened my eyes to the possibilities of making something different out of the same object while still remaining the same at its very core.


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