VR Environment Experience

These are a few points to help give my idea more focus.

In what way is it different?

My message is different in the way that it is communicated through a virtual reality experience. Allowing the audience to immerse themselves into these environments and view the impact their waste is having on the oceans. The medium in which it is communicated (VR) will hopefully allow for a more lasting experience. It is basically a 21st century anti-littering campaign.

What is my message?

The message is to make people aware of littering at the beach and have a first hand experience on it’s impact instead of just reading another article about it, or watching another documentary on tv.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience will be beach goers in different location across the UK or possibly around the world. I want to focus it on families primarily as I think family groups would probably want to experience something like this as part of a day out at the beach.



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