Initial Ideas

After doing a bit of brainstorming I came up with some possible ideas for the Design Factory brief. My ideas mostly originated from the need of creating a change to the environment. Here are some of the ideas I thought of pursuing there is the possibility that these already exist:

  • creating an environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid (as dish washing liquid causes a lot of damage to ocean life)
  • creating Virtual Reality learning classrooms. (allowing for first hand experience on different topics)
  • a system that saves excess  energy use at home into some sort of battery to be re-used at a later point, saving energy and money.
  • a community recycling game focused for kids to help them interact and be pro active about recycling.

I decided to focus my project on creating a Virtual Reality experience to help create awareness on the effects our waste is having on the oceans and killing the ecosystem. Most people don’t have the privilege to visit these ecosystems and let alone observe them for long enough to see the problem in real time. Using a VR experience allows the general public to have a first hand experience of how they are directly affecting the oceans with out having to be there. Hopefully creating this experience, it will have more of an impact on people to make a change.


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