Design Factory Brief 2015/16

‘MAKE IT DIFFERENT’ Design! Make! Buy! Use! Dispose? Design is part of a linear industrial production system that too often takes things from design to disposal. We face a future of limited resources, but we still evaluate good design primarily by aesthetics or utility. Both of these criteria are important, but on their own they may not address the larger system in which the design is implicated. The alternative demands us to ask, critically: ‘What is the design made of? Who made it? For whom? Where does it come from? What happens to it next?’

‘This project is all about imagining alternative worlds that would give rise to different kinds of design, design that might be more sustainable. It asks you to think about what sustainability means – or could mean – for design. You are invited to design a novel system of making that would result in different ways of consuming, using or disposing of designed objects. Your challenge is to imagine design within a wider context or system rather than designing just an object.’

This brief is asking us to design a system or object that results in a different way of consuming, using or disposing of the objects. Keeping to the sustainability aspect of making something different I think focusing on the environmental impacts would be ideal.


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